Pinpoint the cause of your aches and pains in 60 min.

FACT: The number 1 thing holding you back from having a body that simply works well, feels good and can handle whatever you throw at it , is hidden muscle imbalances and weakness. These weakness leave you vulnerable to aches and pains and a body that lets you down when you need it the most. With the right testing equipment, you can pinpoint with laser-like focus exactly where these weaknesses are. And fix them so your body can function at its best. This testing has only been available to professional sporting clubs and university teaching labs, until now.  

Introducing the AXIT Performance System by Premier Sports Medicine.

Special offer for Premier Clients. Full body 60 min. assessment using the AXIT. Normally $195 just $90. Capped at the first 10 people

What is it?

The Axit Performance System comprehensively assesses and identifies muscle and body imbalances that leave you prone to injury and lead to reoccuring aches and painsperformance.

Who is it for?

Everybody that wishes their body worked the way they know it should

If you suffer from Back pain, Shoulder pain, hip, knee, or ankle pain.

If you have had a significant injury in th past such as ACL injury, disclocation, disc bulge, arthritis


Why you need it now?

Your body should feel great & move well everyday.

If its not, you can improve it, no atter what your age

 What happens during your Axit Assessment?

We will systematically test every group of muscles in your body to identify exactly which ones are weak and making you vulnerable to injury, reoccuring aches and pains, or poor performance on the sporting field.

You will get a detailed written report on what the problem is and recommendations on how to fix it.

The normal price for this is $195. 

Not only will you get world class testing but you will save over $100.

We only have 10 spots available each week for individuals, so its first in, first served. 

Fill in your details and we will contact you with availability

Our 100% Money Back Gaurantee. 

If you dont feel that you have gained extraordinary value from this 60 minute assessment with our consultant experts , we will give you 100% refund & a free massage

About us at Premier Sports Medicine

Our team of over 40 experts have helped over 25,000 people in the 10 years we have been operating. 

We have a special interest in helping athletes, both recreational, elite and even olympians, perform at their best.

We believe that everyone should have access to the type of care that elite athletes do, hence why we invested in the leading technology - the AXIT system.

This is a real game changer for anyone not associated with professional clubs. 

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